Coding class

Coding Class

The Classover Coding course is designed to help children understand programming logic even at an early age. Instead of placing an emphasis on practicality and use - like many adult courses - this programming class focuses on developing logic as a foundation for further mathematical learning.

  • 1.

    Common Sense Training

    Students will learn about programming, how it relates to science, and what it’s important.

  • 2.

    Ability Training

    In this class, students will begin to develop their programming logic abilities through repetitive practice.

  • 3.

    Logic Training

    This class aims to significantly improve the logical reasoning abilities of students by studying programming.

  • 4.

    Becoming Familiar

    Children will develop a better understanding of the Internet and software until they’re no longer viewed as mysterious things. Understanding the logic behind software might help keep children from playing games too much.

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