200+ state-certified teachers | intimate class size

flexible scheduling | $10/class/55mins

▪ 200+ state-certified teachers
▪ intimate class size

▪ flexible scheduling

Online Live After-School Enrichment Program for 4-12

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Mix-N-Match Class offerings

Math & Logic | Coding | Chess | Spanish | French | Mandarin | English Storytelling | Piano | Vocal | Art | Lego | Dance/Yoga | Creative Writing | Public Speaking



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Classes cover various subjects, each with different levels.


Take classes anytime, anywhere, with a personalized learning schedule.

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All classes are offered at only $10 per 55-minute session.

We are trusted by 3000+ families and have performed over 100,000+ LIVE online classes


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When I discovered classover and saw they offered Spanish we tried out the free trial classes and fell in love! My girls love their teacher and all the fun activities they do together:) I definitely recommend this program as it has been a life changer for our family and we are so excited we joined :)

Adalynn & Alyssa's Mother

Before Classover, I was struggling to find a reliable online learning resource that kept my child engaged. I chose to sign her up for Classover's Math and Logic course. She's been taking the coding course as well. After just a few weeks, I can honestly say Classover is hands-down the best online learning platform we've come across. It's informative, easy-to-follow, and fun! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know!

Hannah&Sohia's Mother

I am intrigued by their teachers who are state certified. We were looking for someone to tutor their homework. I then scheduled 12 classes with flexible schedules on Classover when Kevin has free time . Kevin's English and Math has been improved significantly. Kevin made new friends going to the same class and I am relieved because of this amazing platform!

Kevin's Mother

Since the pandemic, Daniel can't go out and the school is closed. I signed up Classover for him. Classover has intimate class sizes of 1 to 6 students. Teachers here are very humorous and attentive. Daniel loves the courses and had fun. What a deal for $10/class!

Daniel's Mother

I am exhausted to tutor Austin or send him to extracurricular classes. I am worried that he will be left behind but I found Classover. The teachers are like tutors after school. I now have more spare time. All I need is a tablet for him. The classes are affordable ($10/class). Small class size gets Austin more attentive care from the teacher.

Austin's Mother

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Classover is a local afterschool enrichment live online program based in Manhattan, New York. Our curriculum is designed specifically for 4-12 years old children. And here are several facts about us and our team:

We have already performed 100,000+ classes online

1,000+ classes are

performed daily


200+ state-certified teachers, with years of experience in the industry


We currently have

3000+ stable users


Our Mission

Our Vision

“Top education at an affordable price”

Classover is on path to become one of the best after-school enrichment live online program nationwide.

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