Vocal Music

Vocal Music Course

Classover’s Vocal Music Course is designed to help children learn the best way to vocalize in order to shape their voices. Tone adjustments work as a great foundation for a student’s voice change.

  • 1.

    Start with Vocalization

    This class starts off by teaching children how to vocalize early on in order to create a solid foundation.

  • 2.

    Breathing Training

    In this section, students will be introduced to thoracic-abdominal breathing exercises to help master effective breathing patterns.

  • 3.

    Vocal Resonation

    Instructors will attempt to depart upon students the joy of singing while helping them perform vocal resonation abdominally, thoracically, and orally.

  • 4.

    Performance Practice

    Children will practice songs and nursery rhymes they enjoy in an effort to help encourage them to practice for a formal presentation.

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