One to OnePiano Practice Class

No need to worry about kids practicing piano without supervising
Affordable prices
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Experienced piano teachers
One-to-one piano online partner
Our teachers are strictly selected. We will give them professional practice guidance in the way they like, enhance their musical performance, and let them feel the power and beauty of music
Practicing piano anytime you want
Multi-devices coverage, giving children convenient and fast practicing services. Easy-to-install camera, easy for kids to install by their own

Best piano practice partner
Parents often wonder how to get my kids practice piano.We understand the hardships in learning piano, and we help parents get rid of the anxiety of pushing their children practice everyday

“Classover piano teacher is really convenient. I have more time to work,

and I don’t have to worry about kids practicing piano without anyone watching.

The teacher is very professional and patient, and my kid is willing to listen”


classoverPiano Practice Class

Best way to practice piano everyday Free anxious parents from supervising kids piano practice
Ensure the efficiency and quality of piano learning

ClassoverOne-to-one online Piano practicing partner

The instructor will start an online 1V1 session with your kid and instruct the kid to practice the piano
Our piano partner session allows children to enjoy the music while learning with a professional surpervisor

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