After-School Enrichment for Ages 4 to 12

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200+ Top State-Certified Teachers For Your Child

Classover courses are led by some of the country’s best teachers, vetted for their expertise and results. These great teachers are ready to be your child’s learning companion for a worry-free experience.

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    Jodi Holmes

    "Be fearless, don't be worry to make mistakes. It's just Art."

  • Mary May

    "Practice makes perfect, and learn from your mistakes."

  • Bethany Costello

    "I believe we can always have fun and learn something new!"

  • Joshua Spielman

    "Let's find your motivation of learning English!"

  • Sarah Holmes

    "Learn new vocabularies are important for learning English."


    Hannah N. Becker

    "Stay positive, stay focus and be engaged every single class you attend."

Why Classover?
  • Engaging Methods

    Classover offers a robust liberal arts
    education through a multifaceted
    curriculum full of lively activities that
    foster critical thinking and
    a passion

  • Flexible Schedule

    Create your own class schedule
    and enroll your child with friends
    for added comfort

  • Professional Teachers

    Courses taught by expert
    teachers that we handpick
    from the best schools
    in the country

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I am too busy working from home during the pandemic, and kids also started to attend school virtually. Rui-rui has a lot more free time so I signed up math and dance class on Classover for him. With an iPad, he took the classes befire dinner. Classover helps her develop intelligence and physical wellness. It is truly my favorite babysitting kit!

Hannah&Sohia's Mother

I am intrigued by their teachers who are state certified. We were looking for someone to tutor their homework. I then scheduled 12 classes with flexible schedules on Classover when Kevin has free time . Kevin's English and Math has been improved significantly. Kevin made new friends going to the same class and I am relieved because of this amazing platform!

Kevin's Mother

Since the pandemic, Daniel can't go out and the school is closed. I signed up Classover for him. Classover has intimate class sizes of 1 to 6 students. Teachers here are very humorous and attentive. Daniel loves the courses and had fun. What a deal for $10/class!

Daniel's Mother

I am exhausted to tutor Austin or send him to extracurricular classes. I am worried that he will be left behind but I found Classover. The teachers are like tutors after school. I now have more spare time. All I need is a tablet for him. The classes are affordable ($10/class). Small class size gets Austin more attentive care from the teacher.

Austin's Mother
Q & A

    Who is Classover?

    Classover is the best online learning platform for children headquartered in Manhattan, New York. We offer live online classes for age 4 -12 by stictly selecting top educators and structuring our curriculum. We aim to provide students with real time face-to-face learning experience.

  • Who are our instructors?

    Our instructors are certified teachers in the United States. We rely on our people – with their enthusiasm, talent and commitment – to make every course a success. Our instructors are well spoken, organized and rsponsive to our student needs. They are passionate about the topics they teach. A Low student to instructor ratio is ensured for giving our students the most optimal learning experience.

  • How is class conducted?

    1-6 students in a small group live class.

  • How to download and install Classover?

    Please go to the Download page and choose your desired version of the program to install. New account will be rewarded 5 free credit hours

  • How to sign up for free trial class?

    Please choose the “Free trial” button and select your desired subject and level. Click “book” button and your class will be in your calendar.

  • How to enroll in classes?

    For paid customers, you can contact your course advisor and if you have special requests, you can communicate with your course advisor.

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