English Storytelling Course

  • Beginner Age 4-5
  • Basic Age 6-7
  • Intermediate Grade 2-3
  • Advanced Grade 4-5

English Storytelling Enlightenment Class|4-5 years old

The Classover English Storytelling Enlightenment Class seeks to provide students with a solid English foundation to help them develop basic reading skills and an understanding of basic grammar.

  • 1.

    Understanding Letters

    Students will learn the difference between consonants and vowels in addition to concepts such as rhyming and syllables.

  • 2.

    Basic Pinyin

    This course will teach children to identify words through listening along with the difference between long and short vowels.

  • 3.

    Reading Strategies

    Students will learn how to read strategically by understanding the function of text, primary points of view, inference, analysis, and more.

  • 4.


    In this class, children will learn about number and color words, verbs and adjectives, question words, position words, synonyms and antonyms, polysemous words, and categories.

  • 5.

    Grammar Rules

    This course will cover sentences, verbs, nouns, capital letters, and other fundamentals of grammar.

  • 6.

    Reading Basics

    Students will be introduced to the basics of reading such as vowel groups, O-related pronunciation, R-controlled vowels, two-syllable words, mixed and segmented words.

  • 7.

    Reading Skills

    Through this course, students will develop essential reading skills such as analysis, reasoning, and the difference between reality and fiction.

  • 8.

    Advanced Vocabulary

    Students will learn about synonyms and antonyms, prefixes and suffixes, reference techniques, contextual clues, and implicit meaning among other advanced vocab concepts.

  • 9.

    Grammar Rules II

    This course will cover capitalization, contractions, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives, pronouns, verb tenses, and subject-verb agreement.

  • 10.

    Grammar Rules II

    Children will learn the use of nouns and adverbs, questions of fragments, sentence writing, and the discrimination of verb types.

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