Learn Python For Kids

Learning Python for kids is known to benefit them in the long-term as Python is largely used in developing various software and apps. Python has gained a lot of recognition in recent years with its simple programming syntax. In today’s world, many programming languages have emerged but you and your child must select wisely according to your interest. Things such as the ease-of-use, applications, and complexity of the coding language should be kept in mind when deciding the language to learn. The first programming language for kids should be beginner-friendly, well-versed in good practice, and of great scope in the industry. In this article, we will discuss why learning python for kids is the best option.

Learn Python For Kids

What is Python?

We should first understand what is Python before we talk about the benefits of learning Python for kids. According to Python’s website: “Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together.” Since Python supports cross-platform operating systems, it makes it way easier for programmer to code on multiple platforms. Some of the well known applications such as YouTube, Google, DropBox, etc. build their platform based on Python.

Why should kids learn python?

Ideal for beginner

Python has gained a reputation of being a beginner friendly programming language. Understanding new concepts and ideas are the most crucial and hardest part of coding for beginners. Python is perfect for kids and young coders as its syntax is concise, uncomplicated, and clean. If curly brackets and semicolons frighten your kid, then selecting python is probably a good idea.

Easy to Set up

It could sometimes be difficult to set up a programming environment, but not in the case of Python. It only takes couple of easy steps to have it set up. Click here for a guide on how to set up Python.


Python known for text-based coding is suitable for kids. The learning process combined with creative projects is a winning combination for the kids.

Enhanced Demand for Python 

The increasing demand for coding nowadays has never been seen in the past. The usage of coding skills is not just confined to computer programmers but is a useful skills in pretty much all industry. Python is considered the fastest-growing programming language according to a survey done by Stack Overflow. Other sources also shows that Python is among the most popular coding language to learn. Some even believe that Python will become the official language for the Computer Science AP Exam. In the domain of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence Python holds its own importance as it is considered the language of choice for these domains. Learning Python can benefit your kids in the future as our economy would be hugely influence by technology and programmers building them.


Best Way to Learn Python for Kid

Kids can learn programming with Python through various ways such as apps, games, and coding websites. Here are some ways you can try to help your kids learn Python.

The use of Games

The main component of successful learning is “motivation”. Without the motive, kids will likely to get bored and stop trying to learn coding. This is the main reason that gamification has become so common and popular in classrooms.

Learn From a Certified Instructor

Kids often learn faster and better with the guide of an experienced programmer. Classover has over 200 state-certified instructors so you know your kids is in good hands. We offer a limited size class so teachers can make sure everyone is on the same page. There are also class advisors for every kids which is why Classover can always create well-rounded programs for kids according to their age, interest, and coding level. Programming concepts such as syntax, loop, and conditional is an easy task to do with our Python courses. We put the main focus on the expository nature of problem-solving so kids can understand effectively that how code works. Classover is now offering 2 FREE trial classes. Just sign up in the form below and see immediate improvement in your kids coding skills.

Team up your kid with other kids 

It could be extremely helpful for kids to learn Python if they can find others with the same interest in it. Having peers while learning often stimulates a stronger interest in the subject. In this way, they will not only learn by themselves but also from each other. If you don’t get such like-minded kids around you, try and meet kids with the same interest on platforms such as Classover where thousand of family are taking classes online. Another way to help learning python for kid is pair programming. This is when two programmers work together at one workstation. One types the code while the other navigates and review each line. These two can also switch roles and can help each other.

Apply the Knowledge 

The best way to learn something is by practicing. If you are not applying the knowledge in building something then you are not doing justice to all you have learned. At the starting point, the only thing that matters is how you make it and how to handle the problems that came your way. What you make doesn’t count much in the initial stages. Kids who regularly use their knowledge to make some projects will retain their knowledge otherwise they will forget every concept with time. Practice is important so make sure your kid can regularly make something using python.

Activity to help learn Python for kid

Creative, educational, and fun projects develop more interest in the kids for learning Python.
  • You can start this learning journey of your kid by introducing the turtle library to them. Using this library, they can program a turtle to move around the screen and draw lines. They can move forward with their imagination power. After this, they can command various shapes such as polygons, patterns, and spirals. After learning the basics they can move on to the loops and functions for the complex art. Drawing cars, animals, characters, and houses are easier projects to start with.
  • Through the project “quiz game”, your kid can practice the input keywords, if/else statements, and keyboard inputs. The score of the quiz can be recorded by use of variables.
  • Your kid can make the projects more interesting through the time module. This can help to pause the program, show the current time and date, or start a timer.
Such small ideas can help in building something unique and your kid can develop more skills along the way.

Other resource to help your kids learn python

There are also many books that can definitely help lean Python for your kids. Here are a list of books that can be helpful if your kids is trying to learn Python. 1.Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python 2.Python for Kids 3.Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python


Kids can learn any coding language if they decided to put their mind to it. However, if you want your kids to have an easier time learning how to code, python is usually the way to go. Feel free to check out this article about《best programming language for kids》 . We hope that this article can provided you with a better understanding of what language is better for you. If you think Python is the way to go, don’t forget to sign up for the FREE classes at Classover!
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