Frequently Asked Questions

Classover is a leading provider of online classes designed exclusively for children ages 4 to 12. Although we’re headquartered in Manhattan, New York, we offer live online classes to students around the globe. Classover only selects the most qualified and talented educators to teach our curriculum. It’s our aim to provide students with a high-quality and effective face-to-face learning experience.
Using Classover is easy! All you have to do is visit our download page, select which version of the program you want, and click install. Every new account is rewarded with 5 free credit hours!
Classover makes payment a breeze! To learn about our competitive pricing plans, simply scan our Wechat QR code to access customer support. One of our highly-trained and knowledgeable customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have about pricing. We take a wide variety of payment methods and have sufficient protections in place to keep your data safe.
Method 1: You can use a smartphone, iPad, or another mobile device to access the classroom. You can enter up to 5 minutes before the class begins. On your Classover homepage, locate the “Enter” button and select it to enter the classroom. Keep in mind that this button only appears 5 minutes before class begins. Method 2: You can click on the “Schedule” button located at the top of our app. You’ll be able to find your upcoming courses under the “My Course Schedule” section. Simply click the “Enter Classroom” button to enter the classroom five minutes before the class begins.
1-6 students in a small group live class.
All of our dedicated instructors are certified teachers in the United States. The commitment, enthusiasm, and talents of these educators help make sure every course on Classover is a success. You’ll find our instructors to be responsive, organized, well-spoken, and capable of meeting your students’ needs. These educators are passionate about the subjects they teach. With a low student-to-instructor ratio, our students benefit from an optimized learning environment.
Interested in Classover but still aren’t sure if you want to pay for it? Check out our free trial class! Simply choose the “Try Now” button that can be found under the Free Trial section. Select the “book” button and choose a course and time that suits your needs. The class will then be automatically placed in your calendar.
If you’re a paid user, you can always contact your course advisor. They’ll be more than happy to respond to any special requests you might have. Our staff is committed to your satisfaction and will try its best to solve the problems you’re facing. To maximize our ability to assist you, we advise users to enroll in classes well in advance.
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