After School Activity in NY

Fall may seem quite far away right now, but it won’t be long enough that the back to school season will be just around the corner. And although during these unprecedented times going back to school or talking about engaging in activities after school may seem unwise, but we have optimism that by the time summer ends, it will end the pandemic as well. Nonetheless, whether our optimism proves to be right or not, one thing is guaranteed: in-school and after school, activities cannot be halted any further. That is why we are here to assist parents in their search for the best suitable after school activities for their kids in New York City.

After School Programs in NY

If you happen to be living in NYC, you are in for a treat; the city offers a wide variety of after school activities to facilitate students in learning, whether it is academic, performing arts, sports, culinary or others. From all these to more, we will cover some of the most popular and well-acclaimed activities offered online and in person.

So parents, get your notebooks ready and let’s get on with great after school activities that will keep your kids engage, entertained, productive and will ensure promising outcomes.

Top After School Activities in NYC


Located in the Midtown West of the city, this theatre program is free and doesn’t require an audition for enrollment; just active participation and commitment is needed to ensure a spot (the first-come, first-served basis is applicable).

The performing art program promotes the collaborative spirit and community building and other important skillset related to arts and social awareness through their various art sessions/tasks. Every student group is expected to perform a socially relevant, artistic, and smart original play by the end of the program. A great program to sharpen children’s skills and foster a sense and passion for personal and community wellbeing. Learn more about this activity here


Organized at the Upper West Side of the city, this program is done onsite and online. Focusing on assist kids with their dancing skills, the program caters for children of all ages from year 2 to 18. The program offers different types of genres, from jazz to theatre dance, contemporary, hip hop and more. Rehearsals are fun, yet dedication is of utmost importance after all the alumni of this program have gone to perform prestigious shows like Hamilton, Annie, and many more on Broadway. Learn more about this activity here


Based in Manhattan, this after school program has a wide range of courses and expert tutors to assist students in their learning journey. Having over 200 state-certified instructors with years of experience teaching courses covering a diverse array of topics online, this program ensures seamless interactive learning and a promising outcome for children to grow and excel. From generic courses to specialized ones, this program is indeed a great way to ensure children will not only be able to survive but thrive in this competitive world.

For an affordable price to participate into the class, your kids can learn safely and efficiently in an online environment !

After School Activity in NY


Located in Chelsea, these after school activity in NY are providing a holistic learning experience to the students. Geared towards letting children explore their creative side, the studio arranges art workshops taught by expert guest artists, proper art exhibitions, seminar and workstations for children to be inspired, learn and create art. This studio is indeed the best place for creative souls looking for an avenue to learn, explore and enhance.


Conducted both onsite and online, this program is geared towards children and teen with a creative outlook and passion for film and TV. The program fosters a collaborative medium for students to work on their craft and reach a wide community through Youtube and other online channels. From theoretical basics to direction, camerawork, editing, sound design and more, this program is definitely for students interested in the ever-expanding horizon of the entertainment industry. Through this program, some students also get a chance to explore the animation side of filmmaking too. As a celebratory and farewell of the program, a screening is organized of all the remarkable work of the kids at the very end.


This program is specifically designed to cater to young athletes looking to enhance their skills and seek guidance in their sports journey. Organized at the Upper East Side, Battery Park City, this program is designed for children of ages ranging from 3-15 and deals in various types of sports, from baseball to tennis, flag football, soccer and more. This after school program is a great initiative to warm up their muscles and prepare them for their future sports endeavors.


This free after school program can be found in City-Wide in NYC and caters to students on a first-come, first-served basis. This program is in conjunction with school day learning and works as an assistive program to enhance student’s learning and develop essential skills such as motor, cognitive, social and more.

From supervise computer class, team building activities, sports, arts, culture programs and more, this program caters for all aspect of student life. And as an addition, it offers snack breaks and field trips.


This week-long well-rounded great assistive program helps students with their homework and specialized extracurricular activities such as Robotics, video editing, architecture, design, zoology, and more. With their state of the art campus, they are geared towards preparing kids and giving them a head start on the path of success. This program may sound serious, but it ensures a holistic learning environment, from fun, dedication, exploration and acceptance. Located near the Bronx, it’s a top-rated program amongst parents and children.


Located at the Upper West Side, this NYC museum hosts a wide range of free after school activity in NY for high-schoolers from anthropology to astronomy, evolutionary biology, conservation science and more in a very creative, social, and innovative manner. And the exciting aspect of this program, that it offers paid internships and open avenues for students to explore and excel.


Offered in Brooklyn and the Bronx, this after school program can be accessed at any community centre or public school. This free of the cost-free program is designed to assist students in their academics and strengthen and develop their leadership and social skills. Fostering a supportive and nurturing, this program is a tremendous assistive service for students, their parents and the regular school.


Located in South Brooklyn, the program is geared towards all those kids who have passion and salivating palette for food and creation. Offering a close look into professional cooking and kitchen, this course allows children to explore the ever-growing food industry and help them learn new techniques and recipes. Conducted on campus and online, this is definitely the most delicious and different course amongst the lot.

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