10 Effective Distance Learning Tips

Distance learning is not a novel concept in present times. Thanks to the power of technology that enables us to continue our learning process in this pandemic. However, the sudden transition to distance learning is not an easy task and requires a lot of preparation to make it successful. We are going to pen down some of the best tips for parents as well as students to make distance learning effective. We hope these tips will work for you in staying focused, composed and involved while learning from home.

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Staying Away From Distractions

As in distance learning, students are responsible for their learning, they find it quite challenging to stay focused. Especially when a large number of distractions are present nearby. Make sure the study space is quiet, alone and distraction-free. Avoid browsing stuff other than study-related material. Keep the cell phones away and turn off the TV if present nearby. Taking hand-written notes will also aid in staying attentive to the task. Parents can set non-verbal or one-word indicators to help kids getting back on track. Teaching self-regulation strategies can play a role in being disciplined during distance learning.

Establishing Consistent Schedules

Establishing proper routines can create a great difference in making distance learning successful. Set the routines as the kids are still going to school or college. Dressing up before a class will make the kids more alert and active rather than comfortable silk PJs.

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Choosing the Best Distance Learning Gadgets

Gadgets are a key component of distance learning. So, choosing an appropriate and the best gadget is crucial. Pick what goes well with kids’ needs and requirements. Besides this, stay stick to only one gadget. Don’t switch to new devices every day or week.

Parents can help their kids in teaching, exploring and experimenting technology during distance learning. If kids are sharing tools with siblings, make sure they know and understand how the tools are to be shared. Creating separate accounts for each sibling is recommended. Besides, sometimes distance learning systems matter. Click here for more information to make distance learning effective.

Giving Rewards

Give reward for accomplishing any task with a break for 10-15 minutes. Get up, go outside, and refresh with healthy snacking. Making a quick phone call, scrolling social media or listening to a song can also help to refresh the mind after doing the distance learning classes. But make sure it wouldn’t be longer than the scheduled time.

Celebrating Accomplishments

Feel pride in getting good grades or productive study meetings from distance learning classes. Share accomplishments with friends and family. Celebrate it by throwing up a small treat or planning a vacation. It will help the kid to stay motivated and charged concerning distance learning.

Parents can reinforce the kids by fulfilling any of their demands such as allowing to play their favorite game, watch cartoon, or to go outside.

Setting up a Study Space

Though taking classes from the bed is quite appealing, creating a perfect and consistent study space is important for brain receptiveness. The study space can be any corner of a room dedicated only for this purpose. A separate room isn’t a condition even a simple table and chair is quite enough. Completing the homework, taking online classes at a similar place each time will help the kid to focus better. It also functions as an indicator for other family members in your home that the kid may need some quiet time. Parents can also help in creating a space for their kids. Here are some distance learning tips for setting up a study space.

Defining Goals

Setting and defining study goals can help to keep your kid motivated and focused. You can ask the kid to use sticky notes to jot down the goals i.e., what’s the purpose behind studying? What are the expectations? Placing these notes at a place where the kid can regularly see them can keep him or her motivated and determined.

Parents can help kids in defining their goals. Sometimes distance learning may be boring without real life interaction. However, with the inspirational quotes or phrases pasted by parents in the study space to can always motivate kids during distance learning.

Knowing workload

During distance learning, keeping aware of the workload is a key requirement. With distance learning, time appears to goes by very quickly. Keep a record of all the important submissions to avoid missing them. Use a calendar to create a weekly or monthly list of assignments due dates and plan them accordingly. Those which require greater effort should be given more time while shorter time for easy ones. Each Sunday, spare some time 5 – 10 mins to take note of priorities for the upcoming week. It will keep everything on track and help to manage the workload.

Asking for Extra Time from Teachers

One of the excellent advantages of distance learning is that you can contact your teacher privately or outside of a formal class. Avail of this opportunity and ask for help if your kids encounter any hindrance while doing the assignment. You can simply leave an email or message in their inbox regarding your concern. But make sure to respect the teacher’s private time. Don’t make calls without permission and wait patiently for a reply. Parents can also ask for help regarding their kid’s homework get from online classes.

Finding the Best time of a Day for Study

This may be more like a life tip rather than a distance learning tips. Everybody knows whether they are a night owl or an early bird. Are you more active at night or in the morning? Try to set the routines accordingly. It is a brilliant perk that comes with distance learning. You can ask your kid to set routines according to the energy levels. However, it is possible only when the classes are recorded. Just make sure to set a consistent routine whether it is of day time or night routine no matter you are learn from distance or attend the class in person.


In a nutshell, after pandemic, distance learning is still a part of our daily lives with the benefit of flexibility. These distance learning tips can help both you and your kids to learn more efficiently and effectively.

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