Do grades matter in elementary school ?

There is an odd phenomena that many children with top grades in elementary school are usually mediocre in middle and high school. Why is that? Do grades matter in elementary school ? The answer is very simple. When one’s learning ability improved, it becomes a magic weapon for children to improve their grades in middle and high school.

Do grades matter in elementary school

Do grades matter ?

6-12 years old is the golden age for the cultivation and development of children’s learning abilities (attention and memory, reading and recitation ability). In the six years of primary school, it can be said that there is nothing better than learning in public schools. Ability is more important. In fact, there are no real poor students in elementary school, and there are no absolute outstanding students. As long as the learning ability improves, it is a magic weapon for children to improve their grades in middle and high school, have great strength, latecomer, and unlimited potential.


Human brain development completes 70-80% at the age of 0-3, completes the remaining 10% at the age of 3-6, and completes the remaining 10% at the age of 6-12. Primary school is the best and final period for improving learning ability.

Training at the age of 6-8 will increase children’s learning ability by 80-90%;

Training at the age of 9-10 can improve learning ability by 60-70%;

Last, training at the age of 11-12 improves learning ability by 40-50%;

The younger the age, the more obvious the lifting effect. Having super learning ability lays a solid foundation for a child’s life, so the learning ability of a primary school student determines his life’s results!


If children only focus on grades rather than cultivating a good learning habit, it can do damage to a children’s life. 

This kind of loss begins to show up in the children’s middle and high school, and many children do not have obvious performance in the first and second grades, and show up in the fifth and sixth grades. Many middle school teachers are aware of a strange phenomenon: those children who achieved high scores by devoting all their time and energy in elementary school, their grades decline rapidly after entering middle and high schools, and the more they learn, the more tired they are, and the less they will be able to learn.  It is precisely those children with mediocre grades in elementary school, but well-informed, and strong learning ability. In middle and high school, their grades rise, the strength is strong, the latecomer, and the potential is endless.

When entering the society, the ability to work is required to assess a person’s development rather than an examination report card.


Parents must have a correct understanding of children’s education

Many parents value their children’s performance in primary school, and are even confused by the scores that teachers emphasize every day. They are unwilling to spend more time reading extracurricular books, learning extracurricular subjects that kids actually like or even sports. They believe this is a waste of time. However, when the child is malnourished like a small seedling and lacks the ability to grow up, and when it is weak to move forward in the middle school stage, the parents will only complain about the child’s behavior, but do not know that it is themselves that caused the child’s “short-lived high score” and “intelligent malnutrition”.


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