Easy Spanish words for kids


Learning Spanish for kids may help your child get exposed to a new world of language and culture which will open up endless opportunities for them in the future. The following easy Spanish words for kids are divided into different category so it is much more easy to memorize. If you are teaching your kids Spanish at home, feel free to check out our guide on 《How to teach kids Spanish》 Start learning Spanish words from the easy ones so it wouldn’t be too frustrating. Once your kids can actually utilizing those words, feel free to add a couple of these common Spanish expressions to your day by day schedule.

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Easy Spanish Words for Kids – Conversational

1.Hola (Hello)

2.Adiós (Bye)

3.Gracias (Thanks)

4. Lo siento (Sorry)

5. ¿cómo estás? (How are you?)

6. Por Favor (Please)

7.¡Buenos días! (Good Morning)

8.¡Buenas noches! (Good Night)


Easy Spanish Words for Kids – Number

  1. uno
  2. dos
  3. tres
  4. cuatro
  5. cinco
  6. seis
  7. siete
  8. ocho
  9. nueve
  10. diez


Easy Spanish Words for Kids – Expression

1.Si (Yes)

2.No (No)

3.Bien (Good)

4.Mal (Bad)

5.Feliz (Happy)

6.Triste (Sad)

7.Adelante (Go)

8.Para (Stop)


Easy Spanish Words for Kids – Colors

1.Rojo (Red)

2.Naranja (Orange)

3.Amarillo (Yellow)

4.Verde (Green)

5.Azul (Blue)

6.índigo (Indigo)

7.Violeta (Violet)

8.Negro (Black)

9.Blanco (White)

10.Gris (Grey)


Easy Spanish Words for Kids – Family Member

1.Papá (Dad)

2.Mamá (Mom)

3.Hermano (Brother)

4.Hermana (Sister)

5.Tio (Uncle)

6.Tia (Aunt)

7.Abuela (Grandma)

8.Abuelo (Grandpa)


Easy Spanish Words for Kids –


1.Cabeza (Head)

2.Ojos (Eyes)

3.Nariz (Nose)

4.Boca (Mouth)

5.Orejas (Ears)

6.Hombros (Shoulders)

7.Manos (Hand)

8.Pies (Feet)


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