Homeschool Tutor Cost

Hiring a tutor can be a life-changing decision. If you or someone you love is struggling in school, but you know they have the ability to perform better than they are, hiring someone to help them master material can change the course of their education.

Homeschool Tutor Cost

Not everyone does well in a typical classroom. It is an efficient, effective environment to learn, but it is not the perfect scenario for everyone because people have different learning styles or personality traits that keep them from being able to succeed in a typical classroom the way someone else does. Those with ADHD or those that are easily distracted do much better with one-on-one attention, but schools and colleges cannot always provide that. Maybe someone does well in one subject but struggles with another. A tutor can help them receive the extra help they need for that specific subject.


How Much does Homeschool Tutor Cost?

So, how much will a tutor set you back? That depends on several different factors. First off, is it an online or in-person tutor? Is this for a college or middle school student? How much experience does the tutor have? Are the tutoring sessions in a small group or one-on-one?

All of this will come in to play when you are pricing different tutors. Let’s break some of the specifics down.


Private Tutors Cost

These tutors help students both online and in person. Private tutors are self-employed and will often have a background in education or the specific subject area you are needing help with. In some cases, a private tutor might be a high school student, college student, or teaching assistant.

If you are starting on the lower end of the spectrum, say with a high school or college student, you can expect to pay somewhere around $25 an hour. More experienced tutors, those who have backgrounds as professors or teachers will be closer to $56+ an hour.

If you are looking for a private, online tutor, the low end of pricing will be somewhere between $20-$30 an hour. If you are wanting to pay in bulk, there are often subscriptions or monthly packages you can select for online tutoring. These may cost somewhere between $30-$150 a month depending on the experience of the tutor and the number of hours you are needing each month.

These private tutors will also adjust their prices based on where you live and where you decide to meet. If you live in a large city where the cost of living is higher, your tutoring services will likely be slightly higher than those who are seeking services out in suburban or rural areas. If you are meeting in your home, the prices will likely be higher. If you decide to meet somewhere convenient to the tutor, like a public library, the prices will likely be slightly lower than home services.


Tutoring Centers Cost

Another reliable option is receiving your tutoring from a tutoring center. These are licensed and experienced companies that many people seeking tutoring services may find slightly more reliable because of their expertise. These are centers such as Sylvan Learning Center or Huntington Learning Center. Community centers, colleges, and schools may offer tutoring through their organization as well.

These centers are often more expensive than online and private tutors. Sylvan starts pricing at around $49 an hour. This pricing may cover one-on-one tutoring or may be a part of group sessions. It depends on the center. While reliable and highly reputable, these centers are often the most expensive option and there is a chance your child or the individual needing the services may not receive one-on-one attention like they would with a private or online tutor.


Hidden Homeschool Tutor Cost

Like with many types of services there is the potential of hidden fees and costs. These will depend on the type of tutoring service you decide to pursue:

Travel- If your tutor is meeting you somewhere or at your home, they may charge for travel and gas.

Cancellation- If you ever have to cancel or reschedule a session, they may charge you a fee for that.

Technology – If you are meeting with an online tutor, you may have to pay a small fee for the technology they decide to use for your sessions.

Books/Materials – This can be an extra cost whether you are meeting with a private tutor or receiving services at a center. At a tutoring center, you will not likely get to choose the curriculum or materials they use and you will have to pay for these in addition to the cost. Some locations may include it at a bulk price. If your private tutor purchases materials for your sessions, you will likely have to pay for those materials as well.



Tutoring is a lucrative investment, but the price varies by the type that you want or need. If you are wanting the reputable experience of a tutoring center, expect to pay a bit more for services. If you are wanting a more experienced private tutor, expect to pay more for homeschool Tutor cost compared to if you hired a high school or college student for your tutoring. While the price may ward many people off, decide what will be the most beneficial for the individual seeking out the services. Paying a little extra for something that will be extremely beneficial for them is better than paying slightly less for an environment that will not be effective for them as a learner

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