how to teach ukulele

The ukulele is a simple instrument to pick up. You can tell if a youngster is ready to learn the ukulele by his or her interest in the instrument. This is quite a simple instrument that in most cases even 4 or 5 years old youngster are able to learn to play the ukulele. Although the ukulele is not as hard to learn, it doesn’t mean it is an easy task to teach it. That is why lots of parents still ask the question how to teach ukulele ? The most essential part of training a youngster to play the ukulele is to pique their attention. When the youngster expresses an interest in playing the ukulele, get them a child-friendly ukulele. Then begin teaching them fundamental chords and strumming patterns, while also remembering to include some songs to learn, such as nursery rhymes.

how to teach ukulele

Ways to teach the ukulele

Teach it Yourself

It is often easier to teach your kids the ukulele if you already know it yourself. Most kids look up to their parents so the preferable way to teach your kids the uke is by instructing them yourself. However we understand that not everyone have the time to master this skill, so you can also try the following two options.

Use the Internet

Thanks to the help of technology, learning a news skill has never been easier before. Go on YouTube or Google and search: how to teach the ukulele, there will be thousands of result ranging from video to article and even in the form of comics. You probably already did that and found your way around this very article you are reading right now. There are so many other resources such as free apps and after school programs that teaches how to play the ukulele.

Hire a professional instructor for an affordable price

You probably will think this is just some prerecorded class since the price is way too good to be true. However, Classover is actually an online live class platform with over 200 certified instructors. To further enhance the individual learning experience, Classover limit every class size to 6 students. Let us introduce your kid to the basics of Ukulele. Having a solid grip over the basics of the instrument so they can start utilizing these free online resources and learn by themselves.

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How to Teach the Ukulele

Make sure you kids is having fun

Hand the ukulele over to the youngster and tell him or her that they may do anything they want with it as long as they don’t break it. When you observe a youngster touching, tapping, plucking, or otherwise interacting with the ukulele, you know he or she is ready to learn. Perhaps the desire to play the ukulele has begun. Allow your youngster to be curious about the ukulele as long as he or she does not pound or fling it around like a bouncing ball.

Allow the youngster to continue exploring the ukulele now that he or she has shown an interest in it. Always inform the youngster that the ukulele is a fun instrument to play that has a distinctive sound and is ageless. With this in mind, you’ll be on the right route; there are several advantages to learning an instrument for your youngster.

Begin with a simple chord.

Allow the child to continue strumming lightly before learning any chords, as the open strings are a chord in and of themselves, a C6 or Am. Allow your youngster to have pleasure in the entire process of learning the instrument. After strumming the open chord numerous times, the youngster is ready to learn the C major chord, which is very basic and straightforward to play. Place your child’s middle or ring finger on the third fret of the first string to play C major. Strumming should be done entirely on the downstrokes. Allow the kid to continue strumming in the upstroke pattern if he or she discovers it. This is a normal process. If the child does not repeat the strumming pattern, do not be concerned.

Allow them to perform a one-chord tune.

To play this easy, classic tune on the ukulele, use the C chord and a simple down strumming pattern rhythm. Try “Are You Sleeping,” a simple one-chord tune. The first step in learning this song is to go through the chords. A quick look at the sheet music and ukulele tab for this song reveals a C chord. The second step is to go over the song’s strumming rhythm again. Playing through the song’s chord sequence without singing is the third and last stage in learning a new song. Once you’ve mastered this, all you have to do now is hum or sing the song’s tune!

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