Kindergarten Expectations

The majority of parents wonder about the academic skills of kids but self-care skills, emotional skills, and social skills matter the most before entering kindergarten. These kindergarten expectations can help parents understand what most children should understand after attending kindergarten. In this article, the essential skills needed for kindergarten are mentioned, the ways to support learning at home, and the skills taught at kindergarten.

Emotional and Social skills

  • Your kid should be able to pay attention to a task led by an adult and to listen to their directions for any activity.
  • Your kid should interact with other kids, and the instructor
  • Your kid should spend time without you (parents) without feeling upset.

Self-care skills

  • Your kid should wash up on their own
  • Your kid should be able to dress on their own.
  • Your kid should be able to pronounce their first and last name.
  • Your kid should know their age and home address.

Ways to support your child’s learning at home

  • -Encourage your kid to solve their problems by offering various ways of using magical words such as sorry, and thank you to resolve any issue.
  • -Encourage your kid to fully express their desired items, the things that make them happy, sad, upset, and motivated.
  • -Your kid should use the toilet independently and wash the hands after each use.
  • -Encourage your kid to wait for their turn while playing and to use the phrase like ‘’now it’s my turn”.
  • -Encourage your kid to play with other kids, and to participate in groups.
  • -Encourage them to listen to various stories and then to describe the stories and morals in their own words.
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kindergarten expectations

Things your kid will learn in kindergarten 


Your kid will enhance various academic and social skills in the kindergarten such as 

Make this process fun so that your kid will grasp all the things perfectly without any stress. And with all such learning, your kid will be able to attend elementary school. Social skills can often be considered the most important among the kindergarten expectations.

Math Skills 

  • Counting from 1 to 100 without skipping any number. Connect a number with the items
  • Basic shapes such as triangle, circle, rectangle, and square
  • The concept of “less than” and “more than”
  • Arranging of the object in proper order such as from biggest to smallest or vice versa
  • Name the colors present in a box of crayons


Reading Skills

  • Various stories will make their perspective regarding various things and will build up their observational skills.
  • Expressing an idea by drawing a picture
  • Two words rhyme
  • Reciting the alphabets
  • Identification of letters
  • Recognizing the signs and logos
  • Connecting the letter sounds to letters

Language Skills 

  • Deliver the complete message by using suitable words that can be understood by others.
  • Using suitable words for expressing wants and needs.
  • Understanding the two-step directions.
  • Describing the connection shared between objects such as first/last, on/in, over/under, and big/small.
  • Making the comparisons.

Science Subjects

  • Solar system
  • Senses and uses
  • Weather conditions and their effect on human lives
  • Physical Science
  • Rivers, mountains, and valleys
  • Social work
  • Various Maps



  • Using paints
  • Chalk
  • Various tools
  • Clays



  • Songs
  • Rhythm
  • Various instruments

Kids develop different skills at different rates. Some are good at academics while others are good at extra circular activities. Through kindergarten readiness tests, some states learn which learners need extra attention. Parents with the help of teachers should cover the weakness of their kids by planning to address the trouble spots. Also remember kindergarten expectations various by different kids, don’t get too up sad if your child developed differently. If you would like to get a head start from other kids, feel free to try out Classover! Claim you free trial lessons here.

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