Online Educational activities for kids

During the pandemic, quarantine makes every aspect of daily life upending and many families suffer from the struggle of keeping their kids happy while staying at home. Online educational activities cannot only keep kids entertained but also guarantee the learning process to make sure they didn’t miss anything and weren’t left behind in school.

After the pandemic, with everything going back to normal, parents can sometimes still be busy and cannot accompany the kids but still want to make sure that kids can get some knowledge in their spare time. Online educational activities can still play a role in kids’ life with the benefits of being flexible, no need to commute, and helping kids familiarize themselves with digital devices.

Here list of some online educational activities that can benefit kids and also free parents!

Watch a documentary

Watching documentaries is a way to expand the map of reality and become more rational in the way kids see the world. They can also help develop different perspectives by introducing children to topics they have not previously considered, which can improve problem-solving skills. Different topics of documentaries can make kids absorb knowledge from different perspectives such as how animals survive in the cruel world, the reason why climate change would harm the world, the beauty of the real world. When watch the documentaries, kids will get a common sense about this world and might find their interest. By introducing them to new hobbies, new cultures and new lifestyles, kids will learn about the world better. Here are some of the best documentaries that are suitable for kids.

Play an educational game

In parents’ minds, games might be harmful to kids. However, if parents know how to engage kids through games, especially online educational games, kids will learn a lot from the process in a more engaging way.

Research has shown that some games benefit children by helping them improve early reading skills with the help of parents and teachers. Different games have different goals. Games that are immersive and require strategy and problem-solving skills to win require players to remember and absorb a lot of information. Playing these types of games regularly can help improve both short-term and long-term safety in young players. Some games capture the imagination of players, help them focus on certain tasks, and promote their perseverance to achieve goals. Click here to let your kids explore more online educational games and engage them in a more entertaining way.

Try virtual classes

A virtual classroom is an online teaching and learning environment where teachers and students can share teaching materials, interact with other classroom members, and work in groups. The main difference with the virtual classroom is that it takes place in a live interactive setting. Virtual classes cover a different variety of subjects and parents are free to choose whatever their kids are interested in. Take Classover as an example, Classover is a leading provider of live online enrichment classes designed exclusively for children ages 4 to 12. It covers 14 different subjects including different languages, chess, art, chess and etc with top teachers to ensure kids’ unique learning experiences.  

Visit a Virtual Museum

Museums preserve and display culturally, artistically, historically or scientifically important objects. While these exhibits provide information and sights, museums teach through informal learning. By interacting with museum exhibits and information, children can engage in informal educational experiences to learn about the culture, tradition, or history of a place. Children are inspired by what they see and are influenced without even realizing it. Inspirational experiences motivate children to act and be creative or emotional. Click here to explore some virtual museums that both parents and kids can enjoy at home!

Listen to an online audiobook or Join the Read-aloud

Virtual read-aloud is a good addition to kids’ curriculum activities, especially when you’re looking for a low-cost way to keep your child engaged while watching TV. So how do you sign up for such a program? Start by checking your local school, because many schools have found ways to offer free family favorite programs through virtual platforms. But if that fails, just check out Instagram’s Kids News page, where it publishes a Live Photo Story Time every Saturday afternoon.

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