Public speaking activities for kids

Public Speaking activities for kids are the most ideal approach to get kids amped up for public speaking. Kids can slowly get used to speaking in front of an audience before they realized they are practicing public speaking. Make sure everyone understands the rules of the activity before starting to avoid frustration among kids. Also switching activities once in a while can increase engagement for the kids participating.

Public speaking activities for kids


Provide a short presentation about their favorite film, cartoon, or book Knowing that they must give a presentation about their favorite will motivate them to do their best. This will help them to express their opinions on a topic that they are passionate about. If necessary, incentivize them with a prize. They will be required to make several presentations in the future. This type of public speaking game helps youngsters get more comfortable speaking or presenting in front of an audience.


Games are considered the most popular public speaking activities for kids. Here are a few free exercises you can perform with your child to help them develop public speaking and communication skills.

Story Time with Cards: On separate cards, write the names of people, places, and things. After that, put all the cards in a box, and have your children choose any two cards from which to tell a tale that connects the two words on the cards. This will aid youngsters in their practice of speaking with prompts and speech preparation.

The Imaginary Game: This is a game that needs to be played in a group setting. For a limited time, have each person think of an animal, object, or plant and discuss it. The other members of the group will inquire about the size, color, and location of the item, among other things.

The job interview: This activity has to be conducted by a couple of family members. The interview is for a job that the interviewer has chosen.

The Cooperation Game: First, finish a narrative with a happy conclusion, such as “and the dog finally found its toy.” Tell the narrative in three distinct ways. Since each individual is only allowed to recite one sentence from the tale, the story usually comes out very funny.

Alternative Ending: You take a well-known TV show or a well-known movie. And what you do is you create an alternative ending for it.

3. Classover

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4. Movies

  • The King’s Speech: This is a film about stuttering and how it impacts social interactions. The film emphasizes that simply practicing speaking will not solve the problem. It will assist you in gaining confidence, determining when stuttering occurs, and figuring out how to deal with it.
  • Comedian: Comedians have one of the most difficult tasks in public speaking: they must not only keep their audience engaged and amused, but also make them laugh. Anyone who has attempted stand-up comedy will tell you that it is not an easy task.
  • The Great Dictator: This is another film with a memorable, fantastic monologue that elevates the entire experience. Charlie Chaplin gives a moving farewell address that inspires the entire globe. It’s forceful, empowering, and all-around fantastic.


    • Ummo: Ummo will listen to your pupils’ speeches and highlight any filler words. This will enable them to prepare and enhance their speech without having to record it and listen to it hundreds of times.
    • Classover: Classover is an afterschool live online learning platform. Having over 200 state-certified instructors teaching 16 courses covering a diverse array of topics to help your child thrive from ages 4 to 12 and beyond. And to further enhance the individual learning experience, Classover limit every class size to six students.
    • Orai: You may now obtain immediate feedback on your vocal clarity, vocal intensity, and filler word usage. In addition, Orai offers vocal exercises that, if used regularly, will enhance and develop speaking skills.
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