Teaching French to Preschoolers

Teaching another language is a gift that you can offer to kids as young age. It has a lot of benefits including enhancement in cognitive skills and improvement in the development of the brain. Many studies have also highlighted that learning a foreign language also enhances critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving skills, and flexibility of mind in young children. In this article, we highlighted some of the benefits of teaching French to preschoolers.

Benefits of Teaching French to Preschoolers

– It serves as a source of emotional capacities. The inter-linked capacities in understanding, expressing, regulating, and perceiving emotions are described by a term known as “Emotional Intelligence” and its main component is empathy which can be formed by learning another language.

-Learning another language helps in understanding the culture. The cultural capabilities help in communicating effectively with other having diverse culture. By learning French, kids will be able to express themselves through other languages and to adopt a new perspective. It mainly helps in raising awareness about other cultures and inspires an interest to travel the world.

-Learning French helps the kids to meet and speak with a larger cross-section of people. English is considered an international language but communicating with French speakers in their native language directly build the strong relationship and experiences. The French speakers are not only in France but also in Europe, Africa, North America, and the Pacific.

-Bilingual kids are often good at writing, and reading and can gain the highest marks on standardized tests.

-Learning another language also broadens career options and university choices.

-Learning another language opens many opportunities. In this global economy, bilingualism proves beneficial in many aspects. Being fluent in French will directly expand the professional opportunities for your kid.

-Learning French at an early age will help your kid with the knowledge and skills used for learning another language. It will make it easier to learn other languages as strategies used for learning French can be used for other languages. The cross-language similarities will also make the vocabulary and comprehension easier to grasps.

How to Teach Your Kids French

Now the important thing is how to teach your kids French. In this article, I will provide some tips that will make this process easy.

Learn With French Music 

You can also teach French to your kids through music and it is the easiest way of all as the catchy chansons are stuck in the heads of even the worst learners. This method is all about fun. There is an app named “Spotify”, best for all types of music even it has pre-made playlists useful for learning a new language.

learning in Real-life Situations

Make the habit of using the French words in day-to-day life. Watch French cooking shows together and cook the items while using and learning food words in French. Help your child to order the food in French. Visit various French cafes and practice your learnings there.

Try Classover Learning Platform

You can enroll your child for Classover online French class. With dozens of certified expert instructors and a small sized class starting at an affordable price to participate in. Classover provides one of the best online learning experience. A native speaker can teach French way more efficiently. Teaching your kid French is definitely a huge challenge, but it could be way easier with the help of a professional. Try Classover for FREE now and see immediate improvement !

Teaching French to Preschoolers

Start by simple Vocabulary

    1. Food: The simplest way of introducing French to kids is by referencing the common food to give the kids some idea about this language. In this way, they will learn the commonly used words such breakfast (le petit déjeuner), meal (le repas), yogurt (le yaourt), and spoon (la cuillère).
    2. Manners: Kids can also learn and use some words both in French and English language for daily conversation such as thank you (merci), please (s’il te plaîto), you’re welcome (de rien).
    3. Colors: Learning color names in both French and English is another simplest way to grasp the French basics words. After learning the color names in French, you can link them with the food names such as red apple (la pomme rouge), the orange apricot (l’abricot orange), and the list goes on.
    4. Common places: Another way is to learn the names of common places in French such as school (l’école), bus (l’autobus), etc. Kids will encounter this daily and will learn this easily.

Use French Videos

Kids can easily learn new terms through videos and music. Modifying some of the screen time to videos in French is another way of teaching French to preschoolers. There are lots of kids-friendly and interesting shows that are available in French. These videos have dialogues and actions which make it easier for the kids to understand. In this way, they can pick up some words and can use them in day-to-day conversation.

Some of the best shows through which your kid can learn French are mentioned below:

An animated show named “Caillou” is a good option, as it features adventures that can fascinate the kids. It has more than 400 episodes.

Another show is “Peppa Pig” available in both English and French. It is one of the kid’s favorite shows featuring a Pig who is a little bossy but lovable living with Mummy, Daddy, and a little brother pig.

Using Online App

Other than the tips mentioned above, online apps are very helpful when teaching French to preschoolers. One of the best online apps is Duolingo, useful for learning basic vocabulary and grammar skills. It is best for the children. It improves reading, speaking, and writing skills. With this, new categories will open from where you can gain the points for the fun stuff. Another French learning app is French Baby Flash Cards. It has many categories, where your kid can practice and then scroll through different pictures and can listen to the French pronunciation of everything including numbers, colors, letters, food, and animals.


Learning a new language opens many opportunities but this process should be fun and learning. This process will strengthen your connection with your child. Learning French enhances their emotional and rational skills. Just practice daily the things you have taught them and it will be their motivation to move forward and to learn more. This journey will also enhance their confidence level. To try our free trial lessons, please sign up in the form below.

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