9th-12th Grade ELA

 “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”
— by Jim Rohn.

Course Features

Interdisciplinary Reading

Students will learn about the history and social landscape of Europe and modern America through the lens of literary realism. From 11th grade to 12th grade, the teacher will also lead students in an in-depth analysis of the text from a religious and philosophical perspective.

Read like a writer

Classover's high school English program takes students through the works of great writers in English literature, including Dickens, Fitzgerald, and Hawthorne, developing students' awareness of authorship, their ability to identify outstanding works, and their cultural literacy.

Social Awareness

Students will read literature with realistic meaning using various literary analysis techniques such as text comparison, character profiling, and story deconstruction; the teacher will also guide students to reflect on current affairs in contemporary society.

Course Contents

learn and accumulate complex academic vocabulary.

able to read articles independently and emotionally.

Able to ask valuable questions and answer them according to the logic of the article.

More complex sentence structure will appear in this level of reading, to understand the role of the logical connection vocabulary between sentences.

Develop an authentic way of thinking in English through the reading of difficult English articles.

through English reading, explore simple knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, aerospace, robotics and other topics.

English reading at this stage will not be limited to articles on subject topics. Students will also challenge articles on topics that include social and international issues.

Think about the issues in the article in a dialectical manner, and give your own opinions under the guidance of the teacher.

Under the guidance of the teacher, learn how to summarize the topic of the article.

Master the necessary skills to use the language, and improve the ability in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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