9th-12th Grade Math

“The pure mathematician, like the musician, is a free creator of his world of ordered beauty.”

— by William Paul Thurston

Course Features

Conceptual Math

Lead students to go beyond the procedural knowledge of math problems, focusing on understanding why an algorithm works or what makes a method more efficient than the other.

Student-centered Pedagogy

Classover offers two types of classes to meet the learning needs of different students. The Intermediate class is designed for students with a weak foundation and uses basic but essential math problems to help students master the basics of math learning. The Advanced class is designed for students who have a solid foundation but want to go further. The questions will be more challenging, focusing on difficult and tricky math problems.

Problem-based Learning

Math instruction is organized around problem-solving exercises, giving students additional opportunities to think critically. Students will focus on developing functional thinking, variable analysis, and spatial reasoning of 3D objects.

Course Contents

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