AMC 8 Math

“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.”

— by William Paul Thurston

Course Features

Extension Learning

An extension and enhancement of the content of mathematics in the classroom.

Content Enhancement

Continue to consolidate what they have learned but also further strengthen their understanding of mathematical concepts and truly know what they know and why they know it.

Thinking Cultivation

Shape divergent thinking by exploring different ideas for solving problems; developing mathematical interests and cultivating a spirit of research.

Course Contents

  • Basic Knowledge
  • Mathematical calculation 
  • Logic
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Solid basic knowledge of mathematics
  • Strong computational skills
  • A more flexible mathematical mindset than traditional standardized tests
  • 25 multiple-choice questions
  • 40 minutes examination time
  • 25 points total, 1 point for a correct answer, no points for wrong answers or unanswered questions
  • Basic algebra: integers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, real numbers, number axes and right angle coordinate systems; multivariable primary equations, simple quadratic equations, simple inequalities; simple series; basic algebraic skills.
  • Basic geometry: basic geometric graphing; plane Euclidean geometry, points, lines, triangles, special quadrilaterals, circles; perimeter and area of regular figures; basic plane geometry skills; regular three-dimensional geometry.
  • Basic number theory: parity analysis, properties of integer and division, least common multiple and greatest common divisor, congruence problems.
  • Basic combinations: Wayne diagrams; introduction to permutations, combinations, and probability; factorial and binomial coefficients, Yang-Hui triangles.
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