Math & Logic

“Nature is written in mathematical language.”
— by Galileo Galilei

Course Features

Real-world Application

Use real-life problems to cultivate students’ logical thinking, develop students’ perception of numbers, and make connections with real-world situations. Use the knowledge learned to solve some practical issues.

Rigorous Instruction

Students are carefully assigned to different classes and handled differently based on their prior knowledge, skill level, and potential. Teachers' scaffolding tactics and interactions are optimal for developing and improving students’ reading comprehension.

Diverse Topics

Possess diverse topics for students throughout all levels. Students will be able to expand their reasoning ability, abstract ability. Covered mathematical concepts including calculation, spatial graph transformation, operation rules, and orderly analysis.

Course Contents

Join our fun and interactive math lessons
Make math
fun for kids

Kids love when we make learning more authentic. Try substituting student names in your word problems or using a math activity to introduce themselves to one another at the beginning of the year.

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