Service includes

English immersion teaching
Full English immersion learning, creating a native English environment for children

Extra free class hours
Work with parents together to provide for children’s all reounded devleopment

Flexibility in choosing appropriate course level flexibly
According to children’s different learning levels, create exclusive timetables for children

Outstanding Teachers in U.S. Elementary and Secondary Schools
Super rigorous screening to ensure that every in-service teacher is selected from the best

Class scheduling consultant
From course selection, class scheduling to class reminders, the consultant is always by your side

Unconditional refund and worry free after service
It is our constant pursuit to let children learn something and let parents rest assured and satisfied

Premium learning with small class size with 1-6 students
Small class teacing, elite education, set students for success at the beginning

Mix and match course options
Flexible selections on 12 courses, maximize children’s learning potential

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