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Mandarin Literacy Starter Course

Classover’s Mandarin Literacy Starter Course seeks to help students become familiar with the Chinese language by learning speaking basics. This is a great opportunity for children not in elementary school to strengthen their Chinese.

  • 1.

    Learn Vocabularies

    Students will become acquainted with the language by learning common vocab, conversation topics, and images.

  • 2.

    Learn Chinese Characters

    In this class, students will learn to differentiate between different Chinese characters, understand them through listening, and identify them when reading.

  • 3.

    Learn Phonetics

    This section will instruct children on the pronunciation differences among various Chinese characters while creating a foundation for learning phonetics and pinyin.

  • 4.

    Learn Verbal Communication

    This class will provide children with basic conversations and materials to help students learn phrases and vocab gradually.

  • 5.

    Situational Dialogs

    Children will be able to practice speaking Chinese in various situations designed to mirror common experiences and situations through presentations and role-playing.

  • 6.

    Improve Reading Skills

    Building upon the foundation of 300+ basic Chinese words, students will advance their knowledge by reading short texts.

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