Best Extracurricular Activities For Kids

Extracurricular activities convey much about a kind, in a way that numbers can’t. At this age, students even those of preschool level are engaged in extracurricular activities. These activities help in a child’s development and help them in learning processes. Kids develop their talents and passions based on such activities and move out of their comfort zone. These activities start from practical to artsy to active and many can be highly interest-specific.

extracurricular activities for kids

Some interesting extracurricular activities for kids are highlighted in this article:



Some kids love to play instruments. Some are good at singing. And some are good at both. Children find joy in this because there is freedom in this activity. They can work on any musical tool of their choice which helps them in learning more about cultures and history. Classover provides singing & piano lessons which are taught by state-certified instructors. Try a FREE trial class and see if your kids enjoys our live online class. Click Here to claim your 2 free lessons.


There are also many options available in which your child can perfectly fit in. This activity also helps in learning about history. Dance helps the kids to develop physically and mentally as dance requires endurance and discipline. Try out Classover Dance class for free! Sign up Here for 2 Free trial lessons!

Painting and Sketching

Playing with colors is about fun. It enhances the creative skills as brains start to develop the parts linked with the creativity the more a kid is exposed to and works with creative things. It also helps in developing problem-solving skills. Here is an article about why is art important to kids.

Book Club

It is a source of fun, learning, and socializing with other kids. This habit will help the kid to learn more about the world and the way it works. It helps in improving their vocabulary which will directly affect their writing skills.


This is another way a kid can express their creativity. It helps children to develop focus, creativity and also teaches them useful skills like how to handle sharp knives.

Learning a Language

With age, it becomes difficult to learn a new language. Children’s brains are at the developing stage which helps them to learn another language. They always pick up the language better than adults. It always proves useful. It helps them to learn about a new culture and it broadens their mind. Classover provides all kinds of language course from Spanish to Mandarin Chinese. With over 200 state-certified native instructors, Classover provides one of the best in class language learning experience. For an affordable price to participate into the class, your kids can quickly become bilingual or even trilingual !  Click Here to try our 2 FREE trial lessons now and see immediate improvement.


This activity helps the kid to learn the patience, strategy, and importance of time. And it helps them to develop a skill in deduction as they deduce their opponent’s strategy and beat it. To try our Free chess trial lessons, please click here to sign up.

Kids Extracurricular Activities


This handy activity helps your child to grow up with a passion for fashion. It builds their creative abilities and self-esteem. It also proves useful for those who want to be future designers.


This activity is best for fitness and it builds self-confidence. It’s not only for the fun and exercise but also proves helpful in some deadliest situations.


The most common activities that have emerged in this century have taken the attention of many. Coding teaches the kid critical thinking, retelling, team working, story-telling, and problem-solving. If you don’t know which coding language to learn now, feel free to read this guide about the best programming language for kids.  To try out our Free coding trial lessons, please click here.

Extra Curricular Activities

There are many other activities, which are not mentioned in this list such as soccer, cheerleading, football, and martial art. All these activities will keep your child engaged and healthy. They will learn new skills with fun and excitement.

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