What age to start guitar lessons?

Many parents wonder what age to start guitar lessons would be best for their kids. Before we get into the specifics, we have to understand that the various phases of childhood development play a crucial role in a child’s overall personality. Many types of research have shown that before the age 14, kids experience distinct and identifiable learning phases. These phases differ among children and families. During the first five years, a kid adapts various things and often learns what they are capable of doing. The same is the case with musical instruments whether it is piano, guitar, or any other.

What age to start guitar lessons


Unlike learning a second language, there is no specific age that works best for everyone on learning guitar. However, Classover did a survey on our expert guitar instructors. According to the survey, the best age to start guitar lessons for most kids are around 6-7 years old. We have to understand that this age differs from people to people, so it is ok if your kids didn’t start their lessons around that time. Not every child is at the same stage of emotional, mental, and physical development during the same age. Realistically, one can start to learn guitar when they can easily and comfortably hold a small-scale guitar and press its strings. You can also learn guitar at an older age and do well like Chuck Berry who started to learn guitar at the age of 29. Therefore it really doesn’t matter what age to start guitar lessons.

How to improve your kid’s guitar skills immediately ?

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How to determine if your kid is ready to play guitar?

Every child is different and has different learning capacities and interests. Learning guitar depends on the interest level of your kid. I have mentioned three signs through which you can determine that your kid can learn to play the guitar.

They show interest by asking you for lessons

Many parents put their children into learning the guitar because this seems to be interesting activity, but many children failed to absorb this skill because this process is somehow challenging and the child is not even interested in moving forward with this activity. They will not put in the effort needed to progress and learn more. But some will develop their interest in this, and you can get to know this if he keeps on asking various questions about the guitar for a long period and consistently. This clearly shows that your child’s interest level in learning the guitar is very high and this is the main ingredient for success.

They will play the guitar without being asked to

If your kid picks up the guitar frequently without being asked to. This is the perfect sign that shows that your kid is ready and interested to start guitar lessons. It shows their love for this activity and their motivation and desire to learn this instrument. It will be then fun for them and they will enjoy playing it. Through proper instructions, they will then practice it at home and learn how to play guitar. Their will, motivation, and love for the instrument are the perfect fuel that will help them in this process. Even if your child does not show interest at the beginning, don’t worry, many children develop their interest over time.

They are more focused

Learning how to play guitar needs some focus on various tasks for a certain time. If your kid can stay focused for five or ten minutes at a time on one task then a trained teacher can help them to learn more. It also differs from kid to kid. If your child is not able to do this at the start, don’t discourage them as many kids build their focus when they enjoy doing something. Assessed them by a trained guitar teacher to know if they can stay focus for a long time to learn to play guitar because they will figure out if your child can start this journey and they will follow some strategies that will help to learn at the level of attention suitable for them.

Tips for learning Guitar

Learning to play guitar is not rocket science. It just requires a mindset and approach to learning. I have mentioned some tips for starting the guitar.

Be Patient

Learning to play guitar requires patience and persistence. If you will try to rush the process of learning guitar, it will result in frustration. When learning to play guitar, commit to it for a longer period. A player’s ability grows in leaps and bounds by it. And practice it 20 minutes in 3 to six days a week is enough to progress quickly.

Practice Scales Early

In the case of chords, you have to synchronize multiple fingers at once and this will be a challenge for a beginner. If you start with scales, you can use only one finger at one time which is easier. So start with scales and then move towards the chords. In this way, your brain knows the position of certain positions as chords are the snippets of scales and you will learn easily and faster to play the guitar perfectly.

Start this journey with a minor pentatonic scale and it is easy to learn. After learning about the classic rock solos, you will get to know about the shapes. These are similar territory and perfect for a beginner.

Put into practice what you learn

It is important to build techniques and enhance fine motor skills with a metronome for becoming a good guitar player. For this, you have to put into practice the things, you learn. By this, you will improve your scale knowledge, tone, technique, and sense of rhythm.

Don’t Quit

Every guitar player will hit the wall at some point. If you are not where you want to, don’t worry because you will, soon. If you think you are not doing your best then just relax and play something fun and easy that you love. Try new things for a week, try to create something on your own, and then come back to where you left and give it another try.

You will reach your next level by the walls that pop up during your journey to achieve greatness.

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