Why music is important for child development

Lots of parents ask the question why music is important for child development? Research showed that early childhood exposure to music aids them in lots of ways. This is due to the fact that music has the ability to enhance the connection between the body and brain. The exposure to music helps children in their development process to learn the sound of tones and words. Music is not just a way to lull a children to sleep or teach them their ABCs. Melodies and songs have powerful effects on the brain, the heart, and connections between people that are beneficial to babies.

Reasons why music is important for child development

Why music is important for child development

Motor Control and Coordination

Tapping, bouncing, clapping, and dancing have all shown promise in helping to promote better motor control and improve coordination in children. Even the most simple songs and movements can help make connections between different parts of the brain, aiding healthy developmental processes.

Speech and Sound

Children develop speech by first learning about the existence of the connection between sounds and meaning. Music is the perfect starting point for this, as kids will begin to associate sounds with certain feelings, emotions, and words. In addition, lyrics in music are often easier to memorize and mimic than simple vocabulary. This is why lots of people believe music may makes an easy transition to developing language.

Culture Enrichment

Music often has a deep connection with emotion, feelings, and cultures, and can be a gateway to a world of understanding. Stories told through the lyrics in music can be more approachable than the spoken or written word. It can be even more profound with the help of instruments, enabling the messages within to be more easily or deeply understood. This can be true even of songs that are in different languages or from far-off places. In this way, music can connect children not only to their own culture, but to those around the globe in a fun and engaging way and introduce them to new things.

Improves Mood

Music and dancing can be used to brighten the mood and bring a family or community together. Whether it’s a child and parent swinging hand-in-hand on the dance floor or a family sharing in the experience of a live concert, music can aid in creating great memories and building connections. Music, dancing, and singing can also be used as healthy outlets for self-expression that a child can carry with them for the rest of their life. Also, being able to control your emotion is one of the kindergarten expectations.

Helps With Relaxation

Singing or playing calm and relaxing music can help to develop beneficial relationships. This is especially true between babies and their parents or caregivers. Studies have proven babies will listen to lullabies for twice as long as speech, whether it be in a normal tone or ‘baby talk.’ This suggests that the melodies and sounds of lullabies are more soothing, relaxing, and pleasant to hear than normal speaking voices.

Song and dance can be used in so many ways and have so many effects. Whether you use music to help your child’s development, make them happy, or connect them with their culture, it’s clear that music is a gateway to knowledge and understanding that transcends and precedes the need for language. This is why music is important for child development. It is a form of speech that everyone can understand and enjoy, even infants!

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